1st   GAT Conference No.37 (28-31 JAN 1996)  Siam Intercontinental Hotel, Bangkok
Dr. Yamada T., Japan

2nd   GAT Conference No.38 (28-30 JAN 1997)  Phramongkutklao Hospital, Bangkok
Dr.Ian AD Boucher, Scotland

3rd   GAT Conference No.39 (19-21 NOV 1998)  Amarin Lagoon Hotel, Phitsanulok
Dr.Guido NJ Tytga, Netherlands

4th   GAT Conference No.40 (12-16 DEC 1999)  Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, Chiang Mai
Dr.James W Freston, USA

5th   GAT Conference No.41 (13-15 NOV 2000)  Pavilion Hotel, Kanchanaburi
Dr. Grant Thompson, Canada

6th   GAT Conference No.42 (28-30 NOV 2001)   Chulalongkorn Hospital, Bangkok
นพ.ประสพ รัตนากร, สถาบันประสาทวิทยา

7th   GAT Conference No.43 (11-13 DEC 2003)  Golden Valley Hotel Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima
Dr.Fan-Yun Laiw, Taiwan
Current and Future Trend in the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B

8th   GAT Conference No.44 (6-9 DEC 2004)  Krabi Merritime Hotel, Krabi
Dr.Massa Omata, Japan
Current and future treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

9th   GAT Conference No.45 (30 NOV - 3 DEC 2005)  Felix Hotel, Kanchanaburi
Dr.Neb Soehendra, Hamburg
Education of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy

10th   GAT Conference No.46 (12-14 NOV 2006)  Plaza Athenee Hotel in association with 6th Western Pacific
Dr.Barry Marshall, Australia
Helicobacter Congress 2006

11th   GAT Conference No.47 (24-25 NOV 2007)  Dusit Pattaya in conjunction with the APASL conference
Dr.Anthony Axon, London
Helicobacter pylori: What do we still need to know beyond the year 2007

12nd   GAT Conference No.49 (28-30 JAN 2008)  Meridian Hotel, Chiang Mai
Dr.Nicholas J. Talley, USA
Functional Dyspepsia : Which tests? Which therapy?

13rd   GAT Conference No.50 (18-20 NOV 2009)  Royal Cliff Hotel Pattaya, Chonburi
Dr.Joseph JY Sung, Hong Kong
Colorectal Cancer Screening: Where are we now in 2010

14th   GAT Conference No.51 (15-17 DEC 2010)  Dusit Pattaya , Chonburi
Dr. Chien-Jen Chen, Taiwan
Prediction of Liver Disease Progression in Chronic Hepatitis B:
Roles of Quantitative HBV DNA and HBsAg Levels

15th   GAT Conference No.52 (5-8 DEC 2011)  Queen Sirikit Convention Center in conjunction with the APDW2012
Dr.Yong Poovorawan, Thailnad
On Universal Immunization for Global Control of Hepatitis B

16th   GAT Conference No.53 (19-21 DEC 2013)  Novotel Hotel, Cha Am
Dr.Bunjob Sripa, Khon Kaen University
The association of opisthorchiasis and cholangiocarcinoma: multiple
pathways to cancer

17th   GAT Conference No.54 (10-12 DEC 2014)  Greenery Khao Yai Hotel
Dr.Young Nyun Park, Korea
Hepatocellular carcinoma: advance in the integration of morphological
and molecular aspects, towards a new classification that is useful for children decision

18th   GAT Conference No.55 (23-25 NOV 2015)   Queen Sirikit Convention Center
Prof.DY Graham, USA
Recommended Roadmap for H.pylori management in Asian Countries

19th   GAT Conference No.56 (28-30 NOV 2016)  Queen Sirikit Convention Center
Prof.Francis Chan, HK
Management of patients on antithrombotic agents undergoing endoscopy

20th   GAT Conference No.57 (7-9 DEC 2017)  Anoma Grand Hotel, Bangkok
Prof.Kentaro Sugano, Japan

21st   GAT Conference No.58 (5-8 DEC 2018)  Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok
Prof.Eamon Quigley, USA

22nd   GAT Conference No.59 (19-21 DEC 2019)  Anoma Grand Hotel, Bangkok
Prof. Alan Barkun, Canada

23rd   GAT Conference No.60 (10-12 DEC 2020)  Anoma Grand Hotel, Bangkok
Prof. Teerha Piratvisuth, Prince of Songkhla University

24th   GAT Conference No.61 (16-18 DEC 2021)  Virual Meeting
Prof. Rungsun Rerknimitr, Chulalongkorn University