The Gastroenterological Association of Thailand was founded by Professor Vikit Viranuvatti on 19 July 1960. With the starting members of 34, the association has been grown up successfully and become one of the prestigious professional of Thailand an of  the World.

We aim to:

1. Promoting the advancement of the scientific knowledge in gastroenterology by providing the standard of care for patients, clinical translational research, training program, continuing medical education (CME) and annual meeting.
2. Promoting and maintaining the highest ethical standards of medical practice.
3. Promoting the social responsibility and health education related to gastroenterological and liver diseases for Thais.
          For 50 years of GAT, we have had over 1,000 members including gastroenterologists, internists, surgeons, pediatricians, scientists and general practitioners comprise the associations.  The GAT provides professional gastroenterological education and funding opportunities for gastrointestinal health and disease research, and recently, has advocated for improving the standards and quality of care in gastroenterological field for Thai people.

          The GAT fellowship training program is a high standard training program which composes of at least 10 training centers distributed all over the country. We accept at least 20 trainees each year.

           The GAT research program provides an opportunity for members who are interested in research training and /or funding supports. We have raised an annual GAT budgets in cooperation with industry partners to support gastrointestinal research. Funding is available for all levels of trainees and members. The Program has been successful for over 10 years; during the first five years 2-5 researcher abstracts were accepted to Digestive Diseases Week (DDW) in USA and for the last 5 years, at least 10 research articles were accepted to DDW with a total supportive budgets of over Bath 320,000. All quality researches on gastroenterology which supported by GAT-grants were published in the Thai Journal of Gastroenterology.

          The GAT also provides excellent educational programs such as the annual scientific meting in Gastroenterology, which over 350 members have joined in. The GAT also provides several speakers to join to join up with the annual meeting of the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand. Moreover, GAT incorporating with other partners such as The Thailand Association of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, the Liver Society (Thailand) and Thai Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society have been elected as an international meeting in gastroenterology.

          The Gastroenterological Association of Thailand (GAT) has continuously dedicated to research, professional education, and patient care in all areas of digestive disease, in support of the social health of all Thais.

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